Understanding Customer Satisfaction After the Job

After you complete a repair job or even a brand new install, your number one concern should be how the customer perceives the job you have done. In simple terms you will want to know if your customer is satisfied.  Understanding your customer’s feelings and levels of satisfaction towards the services they were provided will go a long way in understating a lot about your workforce as well as your brand.

               It’s often a good idea to monitor the satisfaction level of your customer. Try providing a performance survey to the customer after the job is complete. It is best to give them an online survey to take, because they will most likely feel more comfortable and honest in providing feedback when the technician isn’t around. Monitoring your customer’s level of satisfaction is also important in evaluating your employees. Continued positive surveys and feedback may be sufficient grounds for a raise or promotion for some technicians, while consistent negative reviews and surveys may be grounds for dismissal from your company.

              Putting the customer’s satisfaction at the top of your company’s priorities will go a long way in sustaining positive reviews of your company for the work performed as well as creating brand loyalty down the road.  However, you cannot drive down your job price so low that you don’t remain profitable. The way you stay in business as a company in the competitive HVAC industry is to find that middle ground, a medium, between profitability and total customer satisfaction.

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