The Unseen Layers of a Brand

Source: ReachFirst

All too often, HVAC companies are asked to describe their brand. What comes to mind first are the things the general public can see. This includes things such as the brand’s logo, the name, and perhaps even a catchy slogan that they have. However, the unseen layers of a brand have just as much impact on the consumer as the ones that are seen.

Unseen Layer – Employees

HVAC companies spend way too much time focusing on the branding layers that are viewed by the public. Time is then taken away from the ones that go unseen. Their values, employees, mission, and goals are just some of their brand’s layers that they rarely change if needed. When it comes to the employees they are a vital piece of the brand and hold a lot of value. Especially in an industry like HVAC where the service technicians are constantly interacting and working with the homeowner and their property, your brand is in plain sight, and elite customer service needs to be displayed.

Unseen Layer – Mission, Goals, Values

Without a clear mission, goals, and values, your brand falls apart. There is no clear direction of how your brand interacts with the consumer. According to Hubspot, “Your mission statement is a building block of your brand manifesto, which encompasses why your organization exists and why people should care about your brand.” Understanding what the clear purpose of your brand is will help you communicate with the consumer properly, and also demonstrate how your brand creates value for them.


In conclusion, HVAC companies should focus just as much time on their unseen layers. While the visual layers like the logo and the name are important and are at the forefront of the brand, the layers not seen give a brand the reason for existence. Without understanding why your brand exists, your brand is nothing more than colors and letters.

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