The Power of Persuasion in the HVAC Industry

HVAC companies are always finding new and creative ways to draw in business. However, the biggest challenge is changing the consumer’s mind and persuading them as to why they should choose your company over the hundreds of others to work on their HVAC system. Understanding the initial steps in changing the consumer’s behavior will go a long way in helping your business achieve more brand awareness and market share.

Source: Venngage

Step 1: Grab the Attention

The first move into changing the HVAC consumer habits is finding out a way to grab their attention away from their preferred choice for service work. It would be best if you did things differently that sets your company apart from the rest. One example of consistently grabbing attention is in the form of a YouTube channel. This avenue continues to be underutilized by HVAC companies and has a lot of potential for viewership. According to Strategy Beam, “Over 80% of U.S. consumers use YouTube daily, and you can use YouTube to get in front of your audience.” Providing interactive and engaging video content will grab the attention of the audience and start seeing the consumer opportunities rise.

Step 2: Build a Comfort Zone

The second initial step in changing HVAC consumers’ behavior is providing them space where they feel comfortable and can trust your company. For example, let’s refer back to the YouTube channel your company creates to grab the consumer’s attention. The video content you post needs to be relatable to them and speaks to them so that they want to see more and talk about it to both your company and others in the community. The messaging needs to be consistent and authentic in what your company stands for and what you can provide to the consumer.


In conclusion, persuading the consumer to choose your HVAC companies over the competition is not always easy. With new advertising platforms and content becoming available almost daily, you will need to figure out ways to stay engaging with consumers and provide them with a comfort zone they can trust.

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