The Need for Experimentation in the HVAC Market

               The need for experimentation in the HVAC market is evident in the fact that marketers need to find out what elements in our advertising campaigns work the best for a specific target audience. In most cases our target audience will be either home owners or small business owners. Experimentation holds all of the power in determining which routes your company should take in order to connect with your audience and ultimately drive sales.

Let’s say maybe you are wondering which kind of music your HVAC company should use in the background for its next month’s radio ad in persuading customers to call about their Fall furnace checkup. Do you choose a more mellow, laid back tone? Or perhaps a faster rock and roll style? In most cases a simple A/B Test will be conducted where two versions of an ad will be displayed to see which one has a better performance.

For this A/B Test you would analyze the number of calls coming in from the ad with the mellow, laid back music and compare the results to the second version of the ad that contained faster, rock and roll music. If the ad with the faster, rock and roll music generates more calls, then you know that’s what you need to incorporate your ads with to effectively communicate with your audience.

However, it is very important to retest these elements. Just because the rock and roll music worked this month doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work next month. You should always retest the elements to make sure they are consistent in properly conveying the message to your audience.

A/B Testing

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