The Many Faces of Marketing Technology

To keep up with consumer demands, marketing technologies are always changing. Marketing technologies are quickly adapting to the ways we shop, eat, and travel. In fact, marketing technologies are guiding a lot of decisions that we make daily.

               The technology I believe that will change marketing is mobile personalization. Just like how Princess Cruise Lines has the OceanMedallion, personalization creates more value to the consumer, and if this can be incorporated into even more areas of the consumers day to day experiences, then this will majorly impact consumer behavior.

               The technology I was most surprised about was the AI technology that goes into online shopping. I had always wondered how websites knew I would like certain products when browsing or how product suggestions pop up when I’m ready to checkout.

               I plan on investigating more into the use of smartphones for showrooming. Too often, consumers are leaving businesses immediately after looking at a product and price checking it on their smartphones to find it cheaper somewhere else including, online marketplaces such as Amazon. I really want to focus on learning about solutions to prevent showrooming from happening and keeping the customer in the store to fulfill the purchase.

               In conclusion, marketing technologies have major impacts on our preferences and decisions. Understanding the many forms will only help a marketer in knowing why a certain technology is being used and how to use it effectively.

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