Steps to Develop Your HVAC Company’s Brand

Developing your HVAC company’s brand at first sounds like quite an easy task. However, this is far from the truth. Developing a brand takes careful planning and execution. More than anything, it takes time to create something that makes sense both to your company and the general public.

Source: Medium

Who and What Are You?

The first step to take is identifying “who are you?” as a brand. Focus on what the customer identifies you by or how effective is your brand’s awareness. According to Forbes, “It’s also critical to invest in and make brand awareness a top priority, striving to reach consumers where they live, work and play.” Is it the level of service you provide, or perhaps it’s your near 100% problem diagnostic rating when servicing HVAC equipment?

The second step is identifying “what are you?” as a brand. Are you solely just an HVAC company that shows ups and fixes your customer’s air conditioner, or are you someone who takes the time to learn who the customer is and ensures them you will be there for them whenever an HVAC problem arises? Or are you a company that values price above the level of service, or is it vice versa? This step really focuses on investigating how well your service and attributes meet the needs of the customer. 

What about you and me?

The third step to take is to identify “what about you?” as a brand. This step is tied to how the consumer views your brand and the feelings they generate from it. Will your brand do a good job? Can they trust it? This step focuses on your company being the expert in the HVAC field and also being the right choice for the consumer.

The fourth and final step is to identify “what about you and me?” as a brand. This step resembles the relationship between your brand and the customer. Does the consumer purchase other HVAC services from you after the initial problem is fixed? Do they repeatedly call you for service work as in you are their first call they make? Do they recommend your HVAC company to their friends and family when they need help?


In conclusion, knowing the right steps to take, and when to take them, will go a long way in helping you accurately develop your brand. Forgetting a step or doing them out of order will not only slow this process up, but it will ultimately cause you to develop a brand that is lost and not cohesive. 

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