Quantitative Measures: Brand Responses in HVAC

Quantitative measurements are used to identify the health of your HVAC company’s brand and its current place in the market. The brand response is something the consumer does daily, and it is essential to understand how this process impacts brand equity. Digging deeper into understanding the consumer’s purchase intentions and likelihood to recommend your service will help you know where to make changes in your level of service or the company as a whole to perform better in your local markets

Source: Plus Charts

Purchase Intentions

The first key indicator to look at for brand responses is purchase intentions. This examines the consumer’s likelihood to choose your service over the other HVAC company’s in your local area. During this time, it is essential to look at factors that promote both considerations for your brand and possible rejection. It’s essential to figure out what sparks consideration from the consumer and what things deters them from choosing your company. 

Likelihood to Recommend

The second key indicator to look at is the likelihood to recommend your service to another person. This measure helps determine the level of success your services currently have. If your services have a high likelihood to recommend score, then you are doing something right. According to Psychology Today, “The theory is that when a large proportion of customers report a high likelihood to recommend the company in the survey, it is a signal of strong customer loyalty and a harbinger of growth.” A low score in this category and drastic changes will need to be made to keep your business afloat and your brand healthy.


In conclusion, measuring brand responses is a great way to see what people are saying about your level of service. Purchase intentions and the likelihood to recommend are two indicators that your HVAC company needs to take seriously.

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