Importance of Touchpoints in Social Media

Touchpoints are how a homeowner has any kind of interaction with your HVAC company. This can anything from liking a Facebook post, click on a Google search ad, or even them walking into your company office. Understanding how touchpoints such as social media engagement and the in-service experience impact the customer journey will go a long way in helping your HVAC company understand the importance of when the customer believes it is the right time to make the purchase.


Source: Convince & Convert (Links to an external site.)

Social Media Engagement

Social media posts allow you to keep the consumer up to date with services, promotions, and useful company information. More importantly, it allows the homeowner to engage with your company. When the homeowner likes, shares, or clicks a link from your social media page, they are connecting with your company and provides them with the feeling of using you for service work in both the present and future. According to Medium (Links to an external site.), “The goal is to provide customers with the kind of information that will entice them to try your product.”

In-Service Experience

The in-service experience also provides a touchpoint between the homeowner and your company. The connection between the service technician installing a new air conditioning unit and the homeowner is another opportunity for a level of satisfaction to be obtained. The greater the experience was for the homeowner the likelihood of a re-purchase in the future and the likelihood of leaving a favorable review.


In conclusion, touchpoints are a way to stay connected with the customer throughout the customer journey. Eventually, a touchpoint leads to the customer making the call and setting up a date for a new installation or service. Touchpoints are key in looking to see where in the buying process that customer currently is and seeing how you can change your marketing strategy to convert them into finally buying. Click here (Links to an external site.) to check out my last week’s blog post on getting social!

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