HVAC Companies…Hurry, Find Your Brand!

For HVAC companies, if someone would ask you what your brand is the most likely answer you would provide would be either the name of your company or perhaps the model of HVAC equipment you sell. You may even say to someone, “People love me in town because of the brand I sell.” It is vitally important not to confuse your company’s brand with the type of equipment you sell, and also, to understand that your company’s “brand” is actually far more complexed. The ultimate goal is to obtain brand loyalty in a market that has very little loyalty if any at all.

               Because the HVAC industry is very price competitive, and very demanding, homeowners aren’t always calling the company that installed their first system. In order to keep those homeowners that you installed the equipment for loyal to your company for future repairs, or replacements, you will need to create a true brand. This “brand” is what sets the service you provide from the competition. Is it the high quality customer service you provide? Is it the discounted rates you give for repeating customers?

               You also need to figure out what your brand identity is, or in simple terms the recognizable pieces of your company. Is it the catchy tune you always play on your radio ads? Is it the red, white, and blue colored utility vans driving down the road? The quality of work you do at each individual job, the way your contractors treat the homeowners, and also, those audio and visual pieces that form your identity will create your brand image.                You must thoroughly develop your brand first before homeowners and everyone else understands the value, or brand equity, that your service really provides.

Once all of those pieces are determined you then can create brand loyalty and begin to experience not only those repeat customers, but acquire new ones in this competitive price constricted market. At the end of the day you are trying to psychologically change the minds of the consumer and have them buy your service. By doing so this becomes a habit for them, and something that is constant in their lives.

Keep Customers For Life

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