HVAC Companies, It’s Time to Get Social!

  Social media is everywhere around us, and HVAC companies have the ability to reach thousands of people digitally within their communities. Social media can be a powerful tool to use to help drive business and brand awareness. Understanding how content likes, content sharing, and business reviews all play a part in creating value for your targeted homeowners will allow you to be a step ahead of your competition.

Source: Marketing Land (Links to an external site.)

Content Likes

     Even if your company isn’t very active yet on social media, it is vitally important to have a Facebook business page. Once you do so, you will be able to post content that is both relevant and informative to your audience. Getting likes on your content posts will allow you to see how much attention the content you are posting is getting.

Content Sharing 

     After your content is posted, what really drives traffic is when your post is shared. When your content is shared, it is placed on that person’s own platform. The content travels to an even larger audience when it’s shared compared to just only posted. According to Constant Contact (Links to an external site.), “In many ways, a “share” is even better than a “Like” because it’s a much stronger social endorsement and is far more likely to get noticed in the newsfeed of the friends of the person who has shared.”

Business Reviews & Rating

     Business reviews definitely cannot go unnoticed on your social media platform. Homeowners want to see what other customers have said about the services you have provided recently. According to Reputation Stacker (Links to an external site.), “In 2016, 47 percent of consumers reported that they had used Facebook to recommend or review a local business to others within the previous 12 months.” HVAC companies need to understand also that their rating is a predominant number. The business rating is the first thing (most of the time) a homeowner looks at when deciding who they should contact for service work. Your business’s level of customer service will always be reflected in your rating score.


     In conclusion, knowing how to use social media effectively can only help your business, not hurt it. Content likes, content sharing, and business reviews are just some basic social media concepts. However, always continue to learn how to make your social media platforms better and more attractive. Don’t forget to check out my last week’s blog (Links to an external site.) on effective web design techniques.

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