Hey HVAC Companies, Start Using Sales Promotions!

Within the HVAC industry most, if not all, contractors and distributors use various modes, or avenues, to communicate with the general public.  While many HVAC companies want to constantly spend money to get their name out in the form of advertising, homeowners a lot of times do not care who the seller or company is, but rather who is the cheapest and who is readily available.  This is where an effective sales promotion becomes vital in your HVAC company’s success.

For a homeowner to replace a new HVAC unit there is typically an average cost of $5,000 – $10,000 per job.  It is safe to say that most of the general population doesn’t have that kind of extra cash just sitting around. Running a sales promotion is a great way to advertise the equipment at a discounted price to the homeowner and, ultimately, drive business to your company.  Not only can you setup the sales promotion for the equipment you are selling, but also financing rates for the purchase itself.

Again the normal homeowner doesn’t have the extra cash lying around to cover a brand new replacement and install. Offering promotional finance rates can also help you close the deal as the homeowner prefers visualizing what their monthly cost will be rather than the total cost all up front.

General advertising in the form of radio and television ads, direct marketing mailers, and customer appreciation events are all great ways of communicating to the public your image and what your company values. However, to really drive business in this competitive market you need differentiate yourself from the competition in terms of pricing. Remember, homeowners are looking for HVAC deals not necessarily HVAC friends.

Financing Promotion Example

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