Evolving As a Marketing Leader in HVAC

When joining the HVAC industry it can seem cumbersome at first.  For those new employees entering either the service side or the wholesaler side you will ultimately spend months learning the knowledge behind the different products, the installation process as a whole, and also, how to effectively market those products to the home owner. 

For those who one day want to take their talents into a marketing role within their companies you will also be undergoing fascinating changes in leadership while experience new opportunities and learning new skills.

As you begin your journey in either a trade school for the service side or as warehouse/counter salesperson on the wholesaler side you will be leading from a student chair.  You will begin networking with classmates or other employees as well as showing examples of how to be a team player.  You will take initiatives in projects and daily tasks creating a stronger bond with those around you. 

From there you will move into leading from an office chair once you make the jump into a marketing/sales manager or marketing director role.  At that point you will become proactive in developing product sheets for the home owners interested in buying your services and HVAC products that you provide to them.  You will be honest with your board members and other upper management personnel on deadlines for advertisements or email blasts to be finished and ready to send out.  Finally, you will also lead by integrity and creativeness understanding that the advertisement you created could be seen by thousands of people in your local market, and that is also a good product that will be well received.

As you stay in the marketing/sales manager role for a number of years there may be an opportunity to move up once again and lead from a board chair as a VP of marketing or even a CEO.  In this role you will focus on being a decisive leader, making the decisions on the final number for the yearly marketing budget for example.  You will also be an optimist knowing that not every job will be perfect; perhaps the HVAC equipment might fail on a few jobs because of installer error or equipment internal malfunction. 

Finally, you will need to be fair and show empathy towards others in your organization. If you notice a product marketing piece has outdated model numbers or features that are no longer applicable, it is your responsibility to get with the marketing manager to make sure those pieces are updated before printed or emailed.  Not being able to lead from the board chair could negatively affect not only your credibility but ultimately your HVAC company as a whole. 

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