Drive Business with Your Elements!

When advertising in the HVAC industry it is important to always focus on the elements of your ad first rather than how you are going to mass produce it or even decide what social media platform you’re going to use. The elements are what drives your ad think of things such as flow, symmetry, repetition, callouts, and color connectivity. Below we will look at some of the basic elements you should focus on when dealing with visual advertisements.

               When using a visual advertisement for your HVAC company your first objective is to make the piece visually appealing. Using the element of symmetry will help bring balance, or even sides, so that the customer doesn’t feel overwhelmed when looking at it. You also want to focus on color connectivity by choosing the color of certain texts, shapes, boxes, etc. to match your company’s logo colors.

Finally, focus on using callouts. Perhaps put a monthly special inside of a unique star shape, or put a catchy company slogan in bold text at the bottom. Use something that will “callout” to the customer and leave them with an important piece of information.

               There is a vast selection of elements to use when constructing your advertisements. Deciding which ones to use is such an important process that will ultimately help differentiate you from the competition when advertising. Choosing the wrong ones can severely diminish your communication to your audience, or possibly even unintentionally hurt your brand.

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