Consumer Behavior Complexity in HVAC

           Understand why customers make the types of purchases in the HVAC industry seems like an easy analysis at first. When a system breaks or repairs are needed, the call is made to a trusted HVAC company, the customer gets a quote, and then the job is performed. But in reality, the decisions are much more complex than this.

           To better understand how to market to the customer, HVAC companies need to understand the decisions involved in the customer’s behavior patterns. Customers always wonder and question certain things, such as when to repair or replace their current HVAC system? How long should they go before replacing their unit? What is the difference in utility bills between gas furnace heat or an electric heat pump? Who should I use for my HVAC installation and repairs?

           In conclusion, understanding the thinking behind the customer’s decision is critical when developing marketing strategies and campaigns. Within its strategy and campaigns, a good HVAC company provides answers to the questions the customer has. Ultimately, they help make the buying decision process painless and easy for the consumer and why their HVAC company is the right one. 

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