Be Careful Using HVAC Social Media

  Many HVAC companies have their own website and do participate in email marketing when it comes to reaching their audience through digital avenues. However, where HVAC companies come up short in the digital communication space is when they can’t figure out the proper ways to use social media as a means of communication. Knowing how to use social networks the proper way will not only help you communicate with your audience properly but also help you protect your brand.

               The major point in all of this is knowing how to communicate with your past, present, and future customers. Using social media means that HVAC companies need to accept the good with the bad. Unsatisfied customers will always be the first to leave a negative review and the customers that are satisfied with often if ever leave a positive one. For the ones that leave positive reviews reply to them thanking them for their review and to see if there is anything else you can help them with.

                For the negative reviews, always be sincere and apologize that the work was not up to their standards. Also, it is very important to tell the unsatisfied customer to reach out to via a direct message to try to figure out if there is a way you can make things better for them. The last thing you want is a negative rant all over your company’s social media wall. Always remember it is a lot easier to lose a customer than it is to make one. And you want to protect your brand at all costs.

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