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HVAC Marketing Mix is your one stop shop for a “mixed” bag of tips and tricks for all things marketing for HVAC companies and contractors. Whether you are a new company starting out or one that has been around for decades, there is always room to improve your marketing efforts! HVAC Marketing Mix is here to help guide you in the everchanging world that is marketing. 

Below you will find different marketing strategies your company should focus on, and also don’t forget to check out the blog page at the top for weekly advice in improving your marketing skills!

HVAC Marketing Strategies

Below is a list of marketing strategies that your company should be focusing on in order to help increase your company’s
brand awareness and  also help drive sales:


Social Media Pages

web page, parts, social media

SEO & Website


Email Marketing

Pricing Structures


Other Marketing

mobile phone, smartphone, app

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About Me

Hello Everyone!  My name is Chandler Knight and I have been involved with the HVAC wholesale industry for 10 years now working in many capacities from warehouse management to HVAC sales and now into my current role as a marketing director.

I have been working closely with HVAC contractors throughout the states of Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland for close to 5 years, and over that time I have been able to identify what truly works for contractors both in small and large markets.  I have helped numerous contractors develop marketing campaigns, radio and tv advertisements, direct and email marketing strategies, and also help increase their social media presence.

If you are interested in seeking advice to better help your HVAC company’s marketing efforts, and take a bigger piece of the market share in your area, feel free to contact me via any of the social media links, or by leaving a message on the contact page!

Chandler Knight